Implement Personalized Medicine to Improve Patient Outcomes

Personalized medicine, also referred to as pharmacogenetics, is

the study of genetic variability that impacts a person’s ability to safely and effectively metabolize medications based on the individual’s unique DNA. MyPGt™ is a non-invasive test used to determine which medications and doses should be prescribed for better patient outcome.

The Right Dose The First Time

Personalized medicine takes the guesswork out of prescription drug choices and dosing, reduces adverse drug reactions, improves efficacy, and eliminates the cost of drug therapies that simply do not work. It can assist patients and providers in developing an optimal healthcare plan to ensure long-term wellness. It especially important to know the best

medication and dose for patients on certain black box drugs and expensive specialty drugs, as well as those taking cardiology, pain, or behavioral health prescription medication.

Benefits of MyPGt™:
  • Identifies patients who need

  • personalized care

  • Minimizes the trial and error

  • method of drug therapy

  • Reduces adverse drug reactions

  • Improves patient care

Comprehensive, Actionable Reports include:
  • Test Summary

  • Patient Medications

  • Risk Management

  • Potentially Impacted Medications

  • Dosing Guidelines

  • Detailed References

MyGenetx offers:
  • Customized Ordering Panels

  • Prompt Turn-Around-Time

  • Electronic Ordering and Resulting

  • Customized Shipping Solutions

  • Affordable Testing


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