What is CancerCARE?

CancerCARE is a cutting edge program designed to optimize the treatment of your cancer and increase the likelihood of your speedy recovery. It is a free benefit provided by your health plan sponsor to help maximize your treatment and well-being. 

How do I benefit from the CancerCARE Program? 

•1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

•Cancer care is costly. CancerCARE specialists can help maximize your benefit coverage and lower

out-of-pocket expenses

•Approximately 28% of cancer diagnoses are incomplete or incorrect. CancerCARE’s Pathology/

DiagnosticCOE network will affirm select diagnoses for correct treatment planning from the beginning

•Receive access to clinical trials at leading centers, often providing more effective treatment and betteroutcomes

•When applicable, you will be encouraged to obtain care at INTERLINK’s CancerCOE Network (Centers of

Excellence). The CancerCOE Network is comprised of the nation’s leading centers for cancer treatment

What does the program offer?


•Increased benefit coverage for evidenced-based cancer treatment

•Coordination and navigation of your cancer care, including access to skilled oncology experts to help you

through your cancer treatment decisions

•Guidance on cancer treatment plans based off of the most current evidence-based treatment protocols

developed by an alliance of world renowned cancer specialists

•Opportunity to obtain care in your community or at a national center

•Physician access to evidence based drug and biologic dosing that helps protect from under or over

treatment of cancer

•INTERLINK’s CancerCOE Network; a network of the nation’s leading cancer centers

How do I use this program? 

•When you or a covered family member is diagnosed with cancer, benefits are increased by calling and registering with CancerCARE online at http://cancercare.interlinkhealth.com/1908/step-1-intake or via phone at 1-877-640-9610.

What happens when I call? 

•You will speak with an intake specialist who will collect your demographic information and provideinformation about the program

•If you have questions or concerns, you will have access to a skilled oncology nurse

•You will be given information on how to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment for your diagnosisbased on most current evidence

•You will be provided educational materials and directed to online resources

•You will have access to the CancerCARE program throughout your entire cancer treatment for questions or concerns as long as eligible

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